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Plyometrics – Mes 2

Luego de un mes introductorio a los ejercicios pliométricos, vamos a agregar nuevos ejercicios y vamos a aumentar la intensidad y el número de sets.

Programa de Plyometrics – Mes 2:

Plyometrics - Mes 2

A Skips w/Vertical (15m): Skip using ‘A’ Form. Bring your knee up and forward to be parallel with the ground, keep your foot flexed (toe towards shin). Push off of the ball of your foot; don’t let your heel hit the ground. Try to get as high as possible. Improves running form, builds lower leg strength.

Standing Broad Jump (5): From a standstill with feet shoulder-width apart, bend at waist and knees and jump forward. Use arm swing to improve distance. Land with bent knees to absorb shock. Builds lower body explosiveness and jumping form.

Diagonal Lunges (10/leg): Step out with right leg at a 45 degree angle. Keep left leg straight and bend right knee, but not past your toe. Hold for two seconds then bring left leg forward and step out with left leg at a 45 degree angle from right left. Repeat. Builds lower body strength.

Ankle Hops (10): Stand with knees slightly bent. Jump straight up using only your ankles. Do not swing arms and try not to use your quads. Builds lower leg strength.

Running Balance (30sec): Go onto one foot and mimic proper running form mid stride. You should be on the ball of your foot, with arms bent at 90 degrees. Off knee should be up with foot flexed (toe towards shin). Hold for 30 seconds if possible. If you lose your balance simply start over. Hold for a total of 30 seconds, not necessarily continuous. It is better to reset with proper form then try and stay balanced with improper form. Improves balance and running form.

1 Leg Lateral Hops (10/leg): Stand on one leg and hop back and forth. Try to increase the distance you hop while still hopping back as soon as you land. Alternately, use two legs if the exercise is uncomfortable. Builds lateral leg strength.

Plyo Pushup (7-10): With a partner. Both start out on hands and knees 10 feet opposite of each other. Bend arms and push up explosively to get body upright. Have partner throw you a disc to catch. Throw disc back then drop back to hands and repeat. One should be going down as the other is going up. Builds upper body strength and explosiveness.



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